Coyote Challenge

So our garage wall is getting a big collection of race numbers on it lately. We kind of like it even if it does look a little “white trash”. 🙂 Today we added another set of numbers, but this time, it was for a triatholon.
Mike was asked to be on a team for his work and I was asked to be on a team for Crossfit Las Cruces. It started out with a “ruck” , which is running four miles with a really heavy backpack. This was when the starting whistle went off.
Second, was the runners. They had to run a 5k without a backpack. 🙂 Third,was a mountain bike race for 15 miles. This is me talking off after Cat came through on her 5k.

This is Mike preriding. I took off almost twenty minutes before him and he smoked me! He smoked everyone. He pulled his team from like 15th place to 4th place. They podiumed!

I love triatholons! Cat, Liz, and I were talking about doing one up in Farmington later on. We both had a blast!

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