Mary Beth Franta

It is so sad that I have to post about two friends this month losing their lives. This Monday, my mom told me our friend Mary Beth was missing over the weekend. My mom was the last person to see her on Saturday night when they went to a wedding together and Mary Beth dropped her off. Unfortunately, Mary Beth went home to her drunk husband and well, things ended in a terrible way.
Needless to say, her life was ended and it was such a tragic way to die. Here is the news story about her:
I have such great memories with her when she, my mom, and I were all working sixth grade together. We had such a good team. She was such a great friend and listener. We went to Sea Camp together and were always going out to eat at BJ’s or just hanging out shooting the breeze in our classrooms.
I was fortunate enough to see her one last time when I went back for Halloween a few weeks ago. She looked really good and we sat around and talked about old times.
I love you Mary Beth. We miss you!

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