Jen’s New Mexico Trip Pictures

These are so out of order, but I love em! This trip was so much fun! Can’t wait to hang out with them again!

Sliding down White Sands..

Mike showing Sarah the leopard geckos. Great pets. Angelina the bearded dragon.

Barney and Sarah playing…

He is getting so big!

Our favorite place! Taco Cabana.

It’s a memory thing. 🙂

The Coyote Classic.

Sarah made us a sign for the race!

Inside Carlsbad Caverns…looks like outer space!

Such a cool place!

The opening entrance. It is sooo deep!

Love this shot with Sarah on the ground. Ha ha

Walking across the bridge in Carlsbad..

Jen and Sarah looking cute.

Road Tripper!

My lips were so burnt!

Playing at White Sands..

Cool shot of Sarah.

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