Liz’s Favorite Things Summer 2011 Edition

Its that time again for me to post some favorite things. Here are some things that have helped me out around the house this summer! If I were Oprah, I would have a show and give these things to my audience members!

A Hallmark Scrapbook Kit. Every year I scrapbook and it gets messy and expensive. I love the kits that are already premade.
A gift certificate to a salon. Man, it feels good to get your hair done!
Lowes has helped me with the house so much this summer! We now have new curtains on our back sliding door, new landscaping out front, and new light bulbs, etc. for fix-er-up-ers around the house.

Lavash bread from Trader Joe’s is so great for quick meals. Mike and I really like making pizzas and these are easy to use. Lay them on a tray, put on your favorite toppings, and put in the oven for eight minutes.

P.S. Trader Joe’s is AMAZING!

When I want to ride really well, I drink the Gatorade Prime. This stuff is legit. I swear I won a few races because of this stuff!

Petco frisbees have saved my house from being massacred by the dog. These are so cheap, but keep the dog busy!

I wish we had a DSW in Las Cruces. Every time I go there, I find a pair of shoes that last so long!

My Droid X. I use it for playing music, looking up EVERYTHING, watching NetFlix, playing Scrabble with family, keeping track of my workouts and eating habits, and so many more things.

Jen had me use this stuff when I went to Vegas. It’s found at Target and its called Botanics Clay Mask. It was only 9 bucks, but it makes your skin so smooth!
I love my Babycakes cupcake maker and I’m jealous of the people who got the cake pop maker!

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