Frazier Mountain Madness 2011

Holy Hill Climb. Is all I have to say. This race is the hardest hill climb ever.

Alright, now on to the whole race. We raced the Frazier Mountain Madness in Taos Ski Valley this past weekend and had a great time. They switched the races around this year and had you do the cross country first. They also switched it from clockwise to counterclockwise. We thought it would make it easier, but it made it harder!

The second day was the hill climb. Here I am at the starting line with Karen Richel’s Yeti. I wanted to try out a hard tail and this bike is really light so she graciously let me use it. I was able to shave off almost ten minutes from my time last year!
We got a really nice condo for a pretty good deal. Here is Mike posing with his air pump.
Mike got second place both days! He rocked it!

On top of Frazier Mountain…over 12,000 feet up in the air!

The view of the Taos Ski Valley behind Mike.
We made it! (It was getting cold because it was about to rain and we were all sweaty!)
Taking time to enjoy the scenery over 3000 feet above where we started!
Mike and I playing around on our way down after the race!
P.S. Our good friend Alan Rishel fell during the race and was airlifted to Santa Fe and is in stable condition. He has gone through two surgeries and is fighting hard after puncturing his lung, breaking his ribs and clavicle, and having an irregular heartbeat. Our prayers go out to him and his wife Karen.

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