Barney’s First Birthday!

O.K. I admit. I love my dog way too much. Well, let’s just say I have a major love-hate relationship with him. But he’s so fun to humiliate and play frisbee with. Our daily runs at six in the morning are our bonding time too.

Anyway, October 27th was Barney’s first birthday. Technically, we didn’t get him until December, but we had to have a birthday party for him.

Here’s his Halloween cow costume. Just a little too small..
Gotta have a birthday hat too.
Can I please just eat that cake?? (Don’t worry, its dog proof. Courtesy of some website that taught me to make a cake out of carrots.)

We were taking a bunch of pictures and he got so frustrated. He he.

Finally he was able to dig in!

And then it was time to play with his cousin Trixie. He has such a smug look on his face in this picture. I love it.

Happy Birthday Cubs!

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