Christmas Vacation 2011

Well, another successful Christmas is down in the books. These are a little out of order, but here we go!

Christmas Eve Eve with Barney. We ate corn beef and cabbage (I have this new obsession with cooking with the crockpot) and then went for a little bike ride.
Christmas Eve Dinner. Actually, more like Christmas Eve lunch. Mike had to work that night, which really stunk, so we had it a little earlier. I made the reindeer bottles courtesy of Jen and Pinterest.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

Barney’s Christmas present.

Mike with the Christmas tree. We need one more person in the house to take our picture.

My favorite gift to give this year. Mike didn’t know he was getting these Smith Optic Sunglasses. He was so happy. He said his Christmas was complete.

We surprised Sue with a new TV. She loved it. It was cute on Christmas Eve when she sat down and read to us Christmas stories and then read out of the scriptures. It helped me be less homesick.

Oh yes, and we got some major snow! White Christmas engaged!

P.S. Notice that I put a lot of pictures of Mike on here because he told me that basically it should just be my blog because I seem to only post pictures of me. So here we are Mike. Hope this works! 🙂

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