Trifecta Omnium in Las Cruces

Kind of bummed we didn’t get a lot of pictures of the local road race here.  Mike was able to place fifth in the time trial and rocked it, even though it was SNOWING while he did it.  He had to unclip at the turn and we think he would have placed higher if his turn was smoother.
This is the picture of the crit race, the same day.  He was able to stay with the team and Zia Velo came in for a win for the Category 5 racers!
This was my first road race on my road bike and it took place in Hillsboro, NM (about an hour and a half outside of town)…we seriously did not get a single picture of that day!  Mike paced 25th and I placed 12th.  I was riding by myself for half of the 32 miles I rode, so I was hurting!
Good times.  I would do it again!

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