High Altitude Classic

It’s been years since Mike has raced in Cloudcroft, since they had to stop it for a while and then ended up cancelling it last year because of fires.  We finally got to go try it out and even better, were able to sleep in our own beds the night before.
This was my first Cloudcroft race and I was VERY nervous considering I had gotten way out of shape during the winter and lost all hill climbing skills I gained last season.  Here I am right before the race.  It was nice because we actually had time to be ready and hang out before the race.
 Mike was sporting Crazy Cat and Zia Velo.
 The hill climbing was intense and we had to do it twice! Mike was able to do it under two hours and it took me a lot longer.  Afterwards, we had todown some pickle juce so we wouldn’t get cramps.
 Even though I did pretty crappy, I still got 2nd place!
Overall, it was a fun race, but VERY HARD.

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