A Special Gift

   I know my birthday is over, but I do want to share one last part of the extravaganza.  For the whole week now, I have noticed little things disheveled around the house that normally are not even touched.  Hall closet lights are left on.  Boxes moved.  The OCD in me notices things like that.

Finally, Mike had to ask me where my jersey was located that I won for the NMORS season last year.  I felt really bad because he was so close to finding it, but just didn’t look long enough.

Anyway, for a couple of days he would sit in our other bedroom with the door shut and I was under strict rules to not go in there.  I behaved myself and stayed away.  And here is what it was:

Who knew he could be so crafty? I guess he made friends with the people at Hobby Lobby and he is now a VIP or something there. 🙂  I love it!  We have a trophy room with all the posters of all of our races and I’m making room for it as we speak.

I had to show you the meal we had for my birthday just because I do like food and blogging about food.  My mom makes the best grilled chicken.  She grills it and then puts BBQ sauce and hot sauce together in a mug and adds it the last five minutes to give it a kick.  So in honor of her (because if I was in Vegas I would make her make this for me), I made her chicken with a side of Caesar and watermelon.  Isn’t summer awesome? I am so glad I have a summer birthday!

P.S. I loved this card from my mom:

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