Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

I think everyone likes to milk their birthday for all its worth.  When I am with my family, I try to make a week out of it.  Since we are going to San Diego soon, I narrowed my birthday down to a weekend event and made a to-do list of only three days.

I love how proper Barney is in this picture.  He always thinks he has to be part of things. 

One of my Friday list items was to go on my last 31 year old ride.  We chose the “jeep road”, which is a good workout.  We had to take a candid shot before we took off.

It starts off on some technical and then its time to go miles up a long, winding, steep road.

Love sporting the pink socks from . Mike said he could see me coming from a mile away.

Saturday, my only goal was to get my hair done, and go to dinner.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but it had been MONTHS since I had my hair done and I was long overdue.  Also, everyone was booked including my normal hair girl, so I chanced it and went to a new salon.  She did great.

That night we went to St. Claire’s Winery and Bistro.  Excellent choice.  We were able to eat outside since it was so nice out, and we listened to a live band.

We ordered some house salads to start.  I usually take my tomatoes and push them to the side, but I actually ate them this time!  So good!

Mike ordered some meatballs for an appetizer and the marinara sauce was quite tasty.

His entree was a prime rib.  He always has to get his horseradish raw with it because he says its “intense”.  Here is what I have to witness:

He says its like a “drug”. Sicko.

I ordered the chicken with Hatch Chile (in honor of New Mexico).  It was very spicy, which I loved.  I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting Mesilla, NM.


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