Family In Town

Mike is one of ten kids in his family.  His mom and dad just celebrated their 50th anniversary, so all the kids have come down for a reunion.  That means LOTS of family in town and not a lot of time at home. 

My dad and stepmom came into town too to join in on te awesome festivities.  We already partook of a 9:30pm screening of “The Amazing Spiderman” the day before it came out (thank you to friends who own the theatres in town) and now we are off for some White Sands fun tonight. I can’t wait to post pictures of Barney’s first time there.

My dad really likes Cracker Barrel so we had to go for nostalgic reasons.  Remember this game?   You jump the pegs to see how many you have left over.  I am terrible at it!

Barney has been excited to have more attention because of all the people.  Before that, Frog was his only companion.

Riley is Barney’s cousin.  He likes to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and becomes glued to the screen if it’s on.

Mike and I have been trying to continue with our biking workouts.  We’ve been very lucky to get them in between the schedule and heat.  Mike prepared for a time trial he did and did very well in it.

I’ve been running a lot more thanks to all the 5k’s and half marathons coming up.  It’s been tempting to do a whole marathon so I am hoping to get conditioned one day for that.

I have found an awesome reduced fat meal at Trader’s Joes.  Go get it!

So good!

Question:  Any favorite things that you like to get at Trader Joe’s?  Do you have any meals you like to get that are good for you?


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