Making A List of Recipes

 My sister came into town this weekend and showed me her awesome Pinterest board with all these recipes that I want to try!  I need to get on there and just go crazy!

I am on a countdown and only have three weeks until I have to go back to work so I feel like I have to hurry and learn some more healthy ways to cook so that when things start to go crazy, then it’s already instilled in me.

So Albertson’s has a deal for $5.99 a pound crab legs.  Just in case you want to know.  Crab legs for dinner is a real treat.  Take advantage of any deals right now!

Since I am on the 7 Day Carb Cycle diet (which I have lost three pounds already!), I have been working on the High Carb days to eat things that are sugar-free.  I went on  and typed in the “Sugar Free Banana Bread” and it tasted great.

Here is the recipe courtesy of

Here is the link:,164,149191-253198,00.html.



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