Sandia Peak Challenge 2012

Even though I haven’t been riding the New Mexico Off Road Series as much this year (see, I still want to give it a shot this year!  People get so excited for this race because it is listed as the state championship.  Two more hours of registration and there are only two girls racing the sport race! Ha ha!  Thankfully, the other girl is in my category so I have some competition.

We decided to pre-ride the course last Saturday and it was so beautiful out.  I was able to make it to the top in about an hour and a half.  Ned Overend, awesome mountain biker extraordinaire, has made it in about fifty minutes so I will take it.

I love this shot of Mike on the downhill.

The downhill is so fun.  It’s very smooth and gradual and it takes about 25 minutes to get down at a quick pace.  A lot of people take the lift to the top and then just ride down for fun.  We prefer to take the “free” route (that doesn’t cost any money) and ride our bikes up on our own.  Plus it gives us bragging rights of being hard-core.

I tried to re-enact Mike’s awesome picture, and instead made the “fish face” and ruined it.  (See my Fitness post on how to breathe when running…I am a pro at making the fish face!)

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