Sandia Peak State Championships 2012

Yesterday we took off to Albuquerque at about 3 in the morning to go race the Sandia Peak Hill Climb.  Every year in the NMORS series they choose one race to represent the state championships for mountain biking.  A lot of people sign up for it even though there are other races in the series, they are all out to get the state title.

This was the aftermath after trying out a completely different bike without practicing with it a few days before the race.  So my word of advice, if you are going to switch from a full suspension bike to a hard tail….don’t race on it the day you switch over. 🙂  I survived though and got first in my category and second overall. 🙂

Mike made it in the time he planned on doing and actually went ten minutes faster than last year! It was a hard race where you lose a lot of momentum, but the downhill is really fun.

With this being my last official week of summer, I am trying to get myself back into a routine for school.  I am planning out my morning routine to include a morning workout at home and an afternoon workout right when school ends involving the gym, bike rides, or running.  Part of the morning consists of taking care of the animals we have around the house, including the bearded dragon “Angelina”. 

Barney is so dang nosey! 

We’ve been watching the Olympics a lot and I am loving the swimming and gymnastics portion of it. 

Question: If you were in the Olympics, what competition would you take part in?  If you were in London, which one would you watch?

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