Trader Joes Reduced Fat Brownies

 My sister told me about this recipe a long time ago so I thought I would post it on here.  I’ve been having a hard time remembering what recipes I have tried, so it really helps to blog them and look back on them.  Now that school is starting, I am really going to have to rely on Pinterest and blogs to get my meals all organized!

At Trader Joes, they sell a Reduced Fat Brownie mix where all you need to add is yogurt and bake the brownies for 22 minutes on 350 degrees.

To make it a little more “healthy”, I’ve been meaning to use up my greek yogurt in the fridge.  I admit using plain yogurt isn’t as good.  I have tried it with honey greek yogurt, which makes it sweeter, but my favorite is the blueberry greek yogurt with it.  It gives it more flavor and is pretty good stuff.

Just wanted to throw that recipe out there if you have a Trader Joe’s near you.  Thankfully, we have had races or trips that have brought me to a Trader Joe’s at least every few weeks.  Is it sad that I look one up whenever I go out of town? 🙂

1 thought on “Trader Joes Reduced Fat Brownies

  1. How did they turn out? Also, do you know what the calorie content is when using the yogurt/greek yogurt? I tried doing regular brownie mix with greek yogurt and while tasty, it wasn’t that great, and I might be skeptical to make them again.

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