Teacher Prep


So we were allowed a lot more time before school started to get our rooms set up.  We had more time than usual that I actually finished early and was a little ancy to get my kiddos.  Well, not too ancy. 🙂

This is my eleventh year of teaching.  Sigh.  It makes me feel old.

I didn’t really change much to my room this year.  I really like the traditional row set up because it keeps their attention, plus they can easily get into groups if they need to.  I have an advisory class this year that I am kind of excited about because they are a small group of kids I have to take care of and stalk on grades.  No pressure that I have to staff members’ kids in that class, one being my boss.

Last year, my animals were getting stolen left and right…let’s hope these little critters have a good year!

SO smug.


Shh….she’s sleeping….

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