Deep Cleaning During Labor Day Week

I made it a goal as soon as the summer ends, that I would blog on here once a week.  I have failed miserably!  So I am going to catch up on this lazy, rainy Sunday and hopefully get everything posted on here and never get behind!

Our house has not been deep cleaned since the beginning of summer and its amazing how dirty and dusty things get in this New Mexico desert.  Also, the fact that we had to strip-search the house last week to try and find our keys made me realize how BAD our house needed cleaning.  Some parts have never seen a vacuum or broom since I moved in four years ago! 

This section behind our tv stand has been neglected since day one and I know for a fact Mike did not vacuum behind it when he was a bachelor.  Word to the wise:  use push pins to hold the wires up while you vacuum to save all the hassle of NOT running over the cords.  It saved so much time.

I also went to Target and bought a TV stand for Mike’s den upstairs.

This is what it looked life before.  So many pieces! It took a whole day because I kept putting things on backwards. And here is my creation!

If you need really cute lamps, Target has a plethora of them. Since our theme is black and oak, I found this cute lamp for about 15 bucks.

And to celebrate the cleanliness, we went to Keva Juice for some frozen yogurt. 

 Can you guess which one is Mike’s?

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