Mike and Liz Picture A Day


A year ago Mike and I decided to do a “picture a day” blog and we were pretty successful from January to April.  Then Blogger had to make things difficult on my life and change so I had no idea how to post pictures (I still don’t, but thank goodness for an IPAD with an app that I can semi-figure out).

Anyway, we both have been a little sad about not doing that blog or the old blog from before we got married up until last year (AGAIN…thanks to Blogger. Can you tell I am bitter?).  So I am working on it!  I was able to get the Mike and Liz Picture A Day blog up again, so here we go again!  It’s not centered, but it does the job! 

If you are interested….here is the link:


I’m excited to do this pre-“baby girl” so we can take pictures leading up to the day.  I know that it will be harder once she is around, but it’s worth a try!

In Your Own Words

I found this journal entry in my 2012 planner.  I usually go through each past years calendar to see if I am missing any upcoming races or events from the previous year that I want to do.  I remember writing this down as a New Year’s resolution and wanted to share it.  Fill it out and post it to my comments if you get a chance:

Best beauty trick:  staying active and exercising

Celebrity I admire: Jessica Biel (she is athletic looking!)

Instantly feel better: When I get a hug!

The one food I will never give up:  Pizza.

My biggest accomplishment:  11 years of teaching.

I always wanted to learn:  to speak fluent French.

My favorite body part:  Smile.

My pet peeve: When people smack their gum.

Hidden talent: I can organize anything like a mad man!

Best mistake: Not getting married until I was 29.

First thing I do when I wake up:  Pick out my outfit for the day.

2013 Goals


I know I have shown this before but for the ALMOST four years we have been married I have found something we actually stay pretty consistent on.  It’s kind of a rip off of Oprah’s Vision board, but instead of pictures we just put exactly what goals we want to do.

Watching Mike train for triathlons has been awesome.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous at all, but I would say that being pregnant is just as awesome.  (Let me just admit that it has taken the last two weeks for me to realize how AWESOME it is to grow a baby.  I seriously was thinking nothing of it until you actually start feeling the baby.  Anyway!)

I LOVE how I can look ahead and mentally prepare myself for things to come and it gets me so excited! Most of our goals are physical this year, but we mingled the goals with spiritual, educational, family, financial, and other types of goals too.  At the end of the year, we check off the ones we did and put it on our “newsletter” and include all of the things we did that year with it.  It’s pretty sweet to reminisce.


Pinterest C-R-A-Z-Y!

Mike and I switched phones so I have a Bionic now, which is a lot faster than my Droid X.  Now that its faster, I like to sit on Pinterest and pin away at all hours of the day (not to mention the fact that I am soaking in all the free time that I get because come April 2013, my free time will be NONEXISTENT).

Anyway!  I have come to understand the power and addiction of Pinterest.  The following pictures don’t even show HALF of what I have been trying to do around the house, but they will soon come to pass.



On an organization website, they mentioned getting these really cheap fabric baskets from Wal-Mart and they have done wonders for my CRAZY laundry room.


These run about eight bucks at Joann’s and I love how cute it makes my hallway look.  I also painted the words RIDE for Mike on his den wall and it looks pretty sweet.


These are going in the baby’s room with the “nature” theme I am going with.  I love this fabric that I got from IKEA and I stapled them to a canvas and used them as the centerpiece for that side of the room.


We did this craft for an enrichment night at church.  It’s made of a metal board from Lowe’s and then hot glued with fabric from Joann’s.  I post the meals for the week on here.

Around The House

Since I haven’t been racing lately, I’ve been working a lot around the house on the weekends trying to get everything fixed or cleaned up.  During our busy bike season, things just get thrown every where and I am one that needs a clean house!

My laundry room has always been so plain.  This week I am in the process of installing baskets for all of my cleaning supplies, but until I get a picture, I wanted to show you my wall decorations I put in there.  Two reasons why I am embarrassed of this:

1.  NO ONE goes in the laundry room, so why do I bother?

2.  I have always been one to be against the “stickers on a wall” decorations, but I have to admit, I kind of like it.


Second, is organization.  Our kitchen counter looks like a doctor’s office with all of Mike’s vitamins, supplements, gels, and whatever he needs for riding.  I finally put this in.  I tried to get one to fit in our kitchen cabinet, but we have too much stuff.

When I was in Vegas, my mom gave me the idea of freezing tomatoes for when I make my homemade pizzas.  I am making them at least once or twice a week and I HATE tomatoes.  She says that when you freeze them and add just a little to it that you don’t even taste it!

When I was in Vegas I also made a craft using black and white paper to hold my envelopes in the kitchen. I found this cute box at Wal Mart for two dollars and thought I would use it to put our extra biking supplies in.

Fall is here!  I am so excited that I can put out my pumpkin and get out the fall candles.  I love the smell of pumpkin in the air.

So, not much to write in the ways of biking and running, but maybe it will get you motivated to organize and clean the house!

Deep Cleaning During Labor Day Week

I made it a goal as soon as the summer ends, that I would blog on here once a week.  I have failed miserably!  So I am going to catch up on this lazy, rainy Sunday and hopefully get everything posted on here and never get behind!

Our house has not been deep cleaned since the beginning of summer and its amazing how dirty and dusty things get in this New Mexico desert.  Also, the fact that we had to strip-search the house last week to try and find our keys made me realize how BAD our house needed cleaning.  Some parts have never seen a vacuum or broom since I moved in four years ago! 

This section behind our tv stand has been neglected since day one and I know for a fact Mike did not vacuum behind it when he was a bachelor.  Word to the wise:  use push pins to hold the wires up while you vacuum to save all the hassle of NOT running over the cords.  It saved so much time.

I also went to Target and bought a TV stand for Mike’s den upstairs.

This is what it looked life before.  So many pieces! It took a whole day because I kept putting things on backwards. And here is my creation!

If you need really cute lamps, Target has a plethora of them. Since our theme is black and oak, I found this cute lamp for about 15 bucks.

And to celebrate the cleanliness, we went to Keva Juice for some frozen yogurt. 

 Can you guess which one is Mike’s?

Lazy Saturday.

 Today felt like the laziest day on record this summer.  This last week I have felt like I have done nothing but sit online all day.  I don’t feel guilty at all because starting Tuesday my life will be nonstop busy until the end of May.  I will be wishing for moments like these!

I bought a couple of necklaces for back to school and I was thinking how glad I was that I made a holder.  I never wore jewelry before because all of my necklaces would get stuck together. 

Easiest holder ever.  I used a bulletin board, black fabric, and a stapler. 

I bought this fabric at the IKEA in Tempe for the same room I have this holder.  I want to make curtains out of it, but need to bust out with my sewing machine.

Thankfully, this is a check I can put on my “vision board”.  I think Mike has more done on his side of the board than I do.

This next little goal is scary considering I only have five months left.  Thankfully, the Tour De Safford is coming up in October and then I can choose a local one to finish off the year.  Better get running!!

Today my plan was to go ride, then it was going to the gym, and then it ended up with a home cardio session.  Way to make a decision Liz!  To make it an hour-long, I improvised and used a few workouts together.

I started with this bad boy.

And then did my Workout #4, which was awesome (I will post soon!)….and then finished off with some of this!



I seriously could not stop laughing while I was doing this, at the fact that I look like a total dork when I dance.  It reminded me of the days my friend Felicia and I took a hip hop class with a guy named “Al Money”.  He would get a little impatient with me because I couldn’t get the steps.  It was awesome!

P.S. A group of friends of mine played mud volleyball today. I’m a little sad I wasn’t part of things, but remind me to get a team together next year!! It sounds like so much fun.