Around The House

Since I haven’t been racing lately, I’ve been working a lot around the house on the weekends trying to get everything fixed or cleaned up.  During our busy bike season, things just get thrown every where and I am one that needs a clean house!

My laundry room has always been so plain.  This week I am in the process of installing baskets for all of my cleaning supplies, but until I get a picture, I wanted to show you my wall decorations I put in there.  Two reasons why I am embarrassed of this:

1.  NO ONE goes in the laundry room, so why do I bother?

2.  I have always been one to be against the “stickers on a wall” decorations, but I have to admit, I kind of like it.


Second, is organization.  Our kitchen counter looks like a doctor’s office with all of Mike’s vitamins, supplements, gels, and whatever he needs for riding.  I finally put this in.  I tried to get one to fit in our kitchen cabinet, but we have too much stuff.

When I was in Vegas, my mom gave me the idea of freezing tomatoes for when I make my homemade pizzas.  I am making them at least once or twice a week and I HATE tomatoes.  She says that when you freeze them and add just a little to it that you don’t even taste it!

When I was in Vegas I also made a craft using black and white paper to hold my envelopes in the kitchen. I found this cute box at Wal Mart for two dollars and thought I would use it to put our extra biking supplies in.

Fall is here!  I am so excited that I can put out my pumpkin and get out the fall candles.  I love the smell of pumpkin in the air.

So, not much to write in the ways of biking and running, but maybe it will get you motivated to organize and clean the house!

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