Pinterest C-R-A-Z-Y!

Mike and I switched phones so I have a Bionic now, which is a lot faster than my Droid X.  Now that its faster, I like to sit on Pinterest and pin away at all hours of the day (not to mention the fact that I am soaking in all the free time that I get because come April 2013, my free time will be NONEXISTENT).

Anyway!  I have come to understand the power and addiction of Pinterest.  The following pictures don’t even show HALF of what I have been trying to do around the house, but they will soon come to pass.



On an organization website, they mentioned getting these really cheap fabric baskets from Wal-Mart and they have done wonders for my CRAZY laundry room.


These run about eight bucks at Joann’s and I love how cute it makes my hallway look.  I also painted the words RIDE for Mike on his den wall and it looks pretty sweet.


These are going in the baby’s room with the “nature” theme I am going with.  I love this fabric that I got from IKEA and I stapled them to a canvas and used them as the centerpiece for that side of the room.


We did this craft for an enrichment night at church.  It’s made of a metal board from Lowe’s and then hot glued with fabric from Joann’s.  I post the meals for the week on here.

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