El Paso Bandit Races #1

Bike season is back in force!  We are so excited for two reasons. One, that means that spring is here and that there will be more daylight.  Two, biking season is here and winter is gone!  

el paso 

El Paso has a “bandit” series on the weekends once the racing season starts.  Last weekend they had their first bandit race in El Paso.  Mike was able to go and represent Zia Velo and see some old friends from El Paso that like to road race too.


Mike is checking out the competition on this turn.  The race was about 60 miles long (which is good because the upcoming Trifecta race will be about the same distance..pictures to come!)


Mike was able to stay with the main group and was able to make it to the end with them.  The last part of the race was VERY close.  Mike came in fourth place!

Here’s to the start of the bandit season and some awesome pictures that were taken along the way!

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