Work Baby Shower


I am lucky enough to work with some really great people at Zia Middle School.  I have been there for the last four years and have made a lot of great friends throughout the years.  My team put on a baby shower for me this past week and bought me this beautiful cake.


So many people chipped in to make quilts or buy gifts. I felt like such a lucky girl!  There are so many talented people out there!  I wish I knew how to quilt!


My wonderful friend Stephanie made this diaper cake for me.  Not only did she make it, but inside of it there were MORE gifts.  I was so spoiled!  P.S. She may or may not have burned herself in the process….yet another sacrifice for me. 🙂


Mike was able to show up for the breakfast in the morning.  I was glad he was able to come because he has never met my coworkers before and I am always coming home and talking to him about them.


We had a staff breakfast in the morning and then at lunch time we ate in the library while I opened presents.  Look at all the wonderful things I got!


Baby Olivia is one lucky girl!  I am one lucky girl for working with such awesome, supportive people!

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