37 Weeks!



How far along: 37 weeks, 4 days

Maternity clothes: I saw a girl at the hospital in a really cute jumper (who was pregnant) and was kind of jealous that she could buy spring clothes.  The sensible side of me won’t buy anything new…so it’s workout clothes and winter clothes. I look like a slob but I will be happy for myself when I have money to shop this summer! 🙂 P.S. Can anyone please start making cute clothes for 30 somethings that don’t involve 80’s colors or sleeveless?

Stretch marks: No.  The midwife commented on it this week how surprised she was. I’ll take it!!

Sleep: Pretty good.  I think my body is finally telling me to chill out, which is nice.  I slept in this morning and I’m taking lots of naps.  I know it’s coming soon!!

Best moment this week:  Doctor’s appointments are always pretty good.  Finding out I was negative for the Strep B test. Olivia is really long and is weighing about 7 pounds right now…. and the best part, she is starting to drop….which means she is on her way! Also, having a fire man install a car seat for me made me realize this was it!!

Miss anything: The great outdoors of the Dona Ana’s…and the fact that the Coyote Classic (mountain bike race) is this week and my normal grudge matches I have on that race are all going to be there.  Next year…. I tell you!

Morning sickness:  None

Movement: She slowed down on moving because she doesn’t have any room. The doctor was laughing because she is WAY spread out on my left side making herself all comfortable and pushing all my fluid to the right side of me.  She has such a long back and then curls her feet under and that’s why I keep getting her butt sticking out so much!
Food cravings: Cece’s Frozen Yogurt.  That place is dangerous!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just at night.  For some reason I wake up queasy.
Have you started to show yet: The good news is that I have remained at the same weight for the last three weeks, so I think this is going to be as big as I get.  I was having such a hard time with the weight on my legs this week.  My legs felt like they were going to snap like twigs!
Gender prediction: Girl.  Even though every person I run into in public asks if it is a boy because of how I am holding her.
Labor signs: She dropped!  And I have been getting a lot of Braxton Hicks and pelvic pain.  She is resting snugly on my pelvis right now as I type this.
Belly button in or out: Out. and flat. Gross.
Wedding rings on or off: Off. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody.  In fact, I am taking off work next week because of the meltdowns I have been having at work.  It’s mainly because I feel so useless there.  I have a student teacher, I sit around all day doing odds and ends and then I am constantly bombarded with questions like “Are you still here?”  “You still haven’t had the baby??” “How big are you going to get?” “Are you having twins?”.  And me being a crazy, emotional person gets all in a huff and takes it personally.  I know…it’s the hormones.
Looking forward to: Being able to turn over in bed. 🙂

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