Recipe Round Up #1

 I have been taking the last few days off work to get my life in order before the craziness of the baby sets in. (I was also hoping that the baby would decide to come too, but she is pretty darn comfy in there, so back to work it is!)  In between my errands and chores, I’ve been trying out different recipes.

Of course, the sweet tooth in me has been going crazy and considering I do have gestational diabetes, I have to be really careful!  I still tried a couple of recipes out that I found on Pinterest or the internet that I would highly recommend.

I have never made crepes before and came across a basic recipe.  Since I am not drinking milk right now, I substituted almond milk for regular milk and put splenda in instead of sugar.  I felt so accomplished!  Here is my finished product!


It was pretty easy to pour into a skillet and it stays pretty thin.  I added some strawberries on the inside, cool whip free, and a little dash of chocolate syrup (which can be substituted with sugar-free chocolate syrup).  It was great!

When my mom was here, we tried out a Pinterest recipe on how to make a simple berry cobbler.


All you do is put frozen berries in a baking pan, pour white or vanilla cake mix on top, and then pour 12 ounces of sprite on top of it without stirring.  Bake in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes and you get an awesome, crispy cobbler! So easy!!

Of course, I had to put some Sweet Cece’s vanilla yogurt on top!

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