One Month Old


Stats: 9.6 pounds, 22 inches, 75th percentile for Head Size

Favorites:  swaddle blankets and Soothie pacifiers

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Fisher Price Rock and Play, Soothie pacifiers, and her Fisher Price swing…

Things She Hates:  baths, lotion on her skin, sneezing while you are holding her…

Facts: Can see 12-18 inches away, making eye contact, sleeping a lot

Sleep Habits:  Every 3 hours she wakes up to feed…it is like clockwork!

Doctors Visits: Her normal 1 month check up.  Also we found out she has acid reflux and needed drops.  She also has a birthmark on her eye that I thought was allergies.  Weird huh?

Eating Habits: She’s an eater.  We switched from Enfamil Newborn to Gerber Soothe and then back to Enfamil. We thought it was constipating her, but its just formula in general.  Personally, I didn’t like the Gerber Soothe because it clumps up.  When she is 3 months, I will switch her to the Target brand of Enfamil.

Milestones: Just beginning to smile and coo.  She just woke up one day and did it. She is really good at holding her head up too!

Looking Forward To: Tummy time, reading to her, taking her out on the BOB stroller, taking her to the mall, and sleeping through the night!


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