Post Pregnancy BEFORE Picture

Well….l  am now five weeks postpartum and feel like I have given my body time to rest.  While I was pregnant, I didn’t believe a word anyone said when they suggested to wait a while after your pregnant to get a big workout in.  I’ve heard so many stories of people who went to the doctor and the doctor told them that, because they were too hard on their body, that they had to wait three more weeks to work out.  I hope that is not the case for me.  Judgment day is tomorrow when I meet with my doctor for the last time!


Here is my BEFORE picture.  I am currently at 170 pounds.  Yes, I am going to be completely honest on here to make me work harder and be honest with myself.  Considering I was 197 pounds when I had Olivia, I will take this weight now.  Not being able to breastfeed has hurt me pretty bad on the weight loss, but I have accepted it and plan to work even harder.

Here is my goal weight picture.  I weighed 135 pounds at this point and thought I was fat.  There is NO WAY I would feel like that again and I won’t.


Really, I am not aiming for 135 pounds.  I am actually looking into hitting the 140’s.  When I won the jersey for the mountain bike series I was at that range and I felt pretty healthy. I think when it comes down to the 120’s, I look too sick.  I want to just look and feel healthy.

Each week I will document my goals and what I did to lose the weight.  Here’s to a healthy summer!



AFTER WEIGHT: 140 lbs.

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