2 Months!


So I have been slacking a little on the whole blog situation.  I really wanted to keep it up to date at least a few times a week this summer, but I’ve been so busy.  I have always made fun of people who have babies and then drop off the face of the Earth.  I have officially turned into one of them.  I have to keep telling myself “This is only temporary.

I’ve realized there are things you CAN do with a baby and there are things you  CANNOT do with a baby.  Grocery store shopping and mall visits are doable, even though I have to throw all the groceries around her while she sits in the cart.  I really have been trying to run with Olivia more, but unless it’s time for a nap, she is not having it!

Before I forget, here are her two month stats:

Stats: 12 pounds (exactly!), 23 inches (exactly!), 75% percentile head

Favorites:  Monks the Wabbanub (see below if you are not sure what a Wabbanub is…)


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Fisher Price swing, the fact that she still likes to nap, and Monks the Wabbanub..

Things She Hates:  She officially loves her bath now…now it’s just a battle of when she gets out.  She screams!  During the bath and before…dead silent..

Facts: Not sleeping as much, eats about 5 oz a feeding, smiles a lot, coos a lot, sees further distances and focuses more, and really likes to look at herself in a mirror.

Sleep Habits:  She cat naps throughout the day.  At about 8:30-9:00pm, I give her a bath and a few ounces of formula and that will hold her ’til about 3:00am in the morning….it is awesome!  Then I feed her and she goes back to sleep immediately until about 6:00-7:00am.  Love it.


Doctors Visits: Her normal 2 month check up along with a visit for some major cradle cap going on.  It’s slowly starting to go away!

Eating Habits: She is still an eater. She will not pass up a meal.  We still are giving her Enfamil Newborn, but are sad to say pretty soon we have to bump her up to Enfamil Infant.

Milestones: She reached out and grabbed a toy that makes noise this morning.  Lots of smiling and cooing.  Sitting up all by herself with the aid of a couch or Bumbo.  She is starting to get different cries for different things.

Looking Forward To: Taking her to California to see the beach!

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