3 Months!


Stats: We didn’t have a checkup this month, but I stood on the scale and she was 14 pounds up!  At the rate she is growing, she should be at 24 inches now.

Favorites:  Crinkly magazine book that Aunt Stephanie gave her, sitting up, and Monks the Wabbanub.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her playmat.  She didn’t like that thing a while back, but now we can put her under it for a good half an hour or longer.  So glad!

Things She Hates:  Getting out of the bath.  Crowds.  Finishing her bottle when she wants to eat more (she likes to eat!)


Facts: Less naps, SO much better at tummy time, smiles and sounds like little laughs every once in a while, starting to put things in her mouth, loves sitting up in her stroller, recognizes mom and dad

Sleep Habits:  She still sleeps from about 9:00pm til about 3:00am and then gets up for a feeding.  Then she will fall back to sleep until about 7:00am or 8:00am.

Doctors Visits: No check up this month!

Eating Habits: Loves to eat!  She is definitely getting some rolls on her!

Milestones: So many things are happening this week as she turns 3 months! She did her first big road trip like a champ.  She is definitely a lot more expressive and seems to want to learn a lot.  She is a thinker.  Always looks like she is thinking.

Looking Forward To: Watching dad cross the finish line in Boulder, CO.


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