6 Months!


Stats: We go to the doctor this week, so we will be updating this, but my guess is at least 17 pounds and 25 inches.  Let’s see how close I am!

Favorites:  Sitting up on her blanket on the floor and playing with her random toys, eating squash, going for a ride, playing “superbaby” with dad, and watching Barney play frisbee!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: When she finally goes to bed…I can have “me time”.  Her saucer is a great help and also her little play stations around the house.


Things She Hates:  Mom putting her clothes on, wiping her face clean, water running (like when we flush the toilet, she freaks out!)

Facts: Rolling, sitting up unassisted, eating more baby food, upped her formula intake, loves to sing and coo, sees mom and dad across a crowded room VERY well, grabs things like a champ!

Sleep Habits:  Started putting her to bed earlier (around 7) and then the time change happened.  So now she wants to sleep by 6 and we are fighting for the 7 o clock time.  She now gets up at 6 instead of 7, which really screws me up, but hey, I can’t complain! My huge problem right now is napping!  A friend of mine recommended the book Baby Wise.  I hope to fix these short naps she keeps taking to make them longer, because she gets cranky!!


Doctors Visits: This week! She had a bad cold, but we didn’t call the doctor because they would just send us to quick care!

Eating Habits: 30-35 ounces a day of infant formula and eats baby food at least twice a day. She loves her squash and apples and oatmeal! I’m trying to teach her how to use a sippy cup, but she just tries to eat it.

Milestones: She is chewing on everything! She got two teeth this past month.  She now officially has two bottom teeth!

Looking Forward To: Having better napping schedules and celebrating the holidays!


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