Trifecta Omnium 2014


I love the Trifecta Omnium because it is a local race in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Zia Velo (our team) hosts it and does a great job making it eventful.  I really like how they do the TT and Crit in one day.  Usually on an Omnium event, it takes three days to do all of the events, but it makes it so much better when you can do it in two days.

As you can see, the weather was a little gloomy and of course it was windy.  Let me just tell you it was beautiful and sunny the whole week before.  It always happens!  As if the bike gods know that a race is coming up, they will make sure the weather plays a role.  Mike prefers it to be windy though, because he considers it as an advantage.  Yes, I just shared a tactic by my husband. 🙂

This picture above is Mike coming back in from his TT.  He placed 5th place in the Category 4 group.  The top people were all ten seconds apart.  It was crazy how fast they all were!


Olivia managed to come and behave herself, except when it was time for me to volunteer for the Crit.  Then she decided to have a blowout and meltdown at the same time.  Thank goodness after Mike’s race, he was willing to take over.


The crit was actually really fun to watch.  I was a volunteer and had to stand in the median as they passed me on the laps.  I was holding an orange flag and making sure they didn’t hit me.  Unfortunately, I had to witness a pretty gnarly fall from the Cat 1-2-3 group.  I saw a guy hit a cement barrier and go rolling across the pavement. It was intense!  I love this shot of Mike.


If you look closely in the background, you can see the ambulance.  Here is Mike pre-riding.  Can I tell you that he gives me a heart attack every time because he waits until the last second to get to the starting line!


On the second day, the cross-country race takes place in a tiny town north of Las Cruces called Hillsboro.  I rode it a few years back and loved it!  The roads are smooth and they have an awesome climb that starts in the town and then climbs up towards the next little town.  Yes, there is a lot of climbing!


More action shots of the Cat 4 guys on the crit.


Mike’s last-minute prepping.  I like how they have these races out by the Las Cruces airport.  The roads have less traffic and there is a lot more room to park.

Overall, the weekend was a success!

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