11 Months!


Stats: Not too sure right now, since we are going on almost three months since the doctor! I’m guessing around 20 pounds and 28 inches.

Favorites: FOOD! She is a great eater.  She loves to play with cars and strollers. She is definitely a little tomboy! Other favorites: Bubble Guppies, books with pictures of animals, and throwing balls.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Dad says that playing ball is a lifesaver when he is watching her.  I still am praising the family members that bought me the BOB stroller.  I use that thing every day.  I have flatted my tires too many times though taking that thing off-road too many times!


Dislikes:  Being alone, wiping her face, getting snot off her nose, occasional baths, tomatoes

Facts: She has stood without holding anything for a good solid minute or two, but nothing else.  She is definitely trying to use her legs to stand more.  She squats a lot without sitting on the ground.  She is getting into everything and crawling everywhere!  She loves the back door and looking outside.  She is great in the high chair as long as I keep her entertained.  She has been going on a lot more outings and play dates and always has a blast.

Sleep Habits:  She has been making it from 8 at night until 5 in the morning most nights.  I have yet to have her sleep through the night.  And yes, I do let her cry, but I give myself a three-time a night cry-fest and then I go in on the fourth time, which is usually around five in the morning.  We just nap until 7 and then we are good.  I know. I suck at this sleep training thing.


Doctors Visits:  Well…she has her one year appointment this month.  One year.  Wow.

Eating Habits: Still using the bottle 3-4 times a day.  She loves her sippy cups and straw cups.  She is eating three pretty good meals and even snacking on a lot of solids.  She loves bananas, pancakes, french toast, peaches, green beans, squeeze fruit,…I could go on and on….

Milestones: Standing…almost walking. She has walked with assistance and then stopped doing it.  We are not in any hurry.

Looking Forward To: Her first birthday!  Yay!!!



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