14 Months!


Stats: I haven’t been to the doctor yet but when I stand on the scale with her she is about 21-22 pounds.  She has gotten so tall! Stay tuned next week for her real stats!

Favorites: PLAY!  She is always playing with toys.  Now that she is walking, it is all about the shopping cart and dragging it around the house.  She doesn’t play with her car as much because she can walk all by herself now and she was using it more as a crutch.  She loves to play with cars and her Klip Klops while making car sounds, of course.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is more independent now.  I can hand her things and she entertains herself.  I am loving jogging with her still in the BOB.


Dislikes:  Wiping her face, sleep, being taken away from her toys when she is not done…to be honest I can’t really think of things she doesn’t like. She’s pretty easy going, except when she is tired..you know how it is!

Facts: She is a great walker.  She is saying words like “shoe”, “ball”, “sock”, “ear”, and “bubble”.  She knows a lot of words, especially bike.  We are watching the Tour De France and I ask her where the bikes are and she points to the tv.  She knows words like light, banana, apple, ball, and Jesus.  She will point right to them when I ask her.  She loves music and bobbles her head back and forth to it.

Sleep Habits:  It’s still a feat!  Some nights she is great…others I am pulling my hair out!


Doctors Visits:  Next week!  Today I took her to get her blood drawn and she didn’t even make a sound when they put the needle in her.  The only thing she cried about was that I wouldn’t let her touch the needle!

Eating Habits: She is weened off of formula and on straight milk now during meals. She loves food! I give her things like bananas and pancakes for breakfast, as for the rest of the day she eats oranges, turkey (she loves meat), applesauce, goldfish, spaghetti, quesadillas, beans, mixed veggies, the list goes on and on… She can use a fork and spoon!

Milestones: Walking as of 13 months!  The baby gates are up!!

Looking Forward To: Hearing her say more words and communicate more to me! I love to hear her sweet voice!



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