Easter 2014

It was Olivia’s first Easter this year since she decided to take her sweet time getting here last year. 🙂  I was super excited for her to go through all the celebrations.  Really though, when a kid is one year old, it is more for the parents than it is for the kid.


We had an Easter BBQ over at the Stewart’s house with a whole bunch of friends and family.  I love it when Olivia is around other kids, even if they are older than her.


The Stewart’s were so awesome to have Easter eggs and the kids went on an Easter egg hunt.


I made Mike go with Olivia since I usually make him search for eggs in our house too.  The poor guy.


Then on Easter morning Olivia put on her pretty Easter dress from Aunt Debbie and we went to church.  It was really funny because she wasn’t walking yet so she hated how long the dress was on her knees and did this weird “spider crawl” across the room.


The Easter loot! I WILL dye Easter eggs next year.  I always forget to do that!


Overall, it was a fun Easter to have the family around and to make memories!

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