21 and 22 Months!



I got a little behind because of the chaos of my life…so here are the last two months!

Stats: I’m thinking she is around 25 pounds. She hardly eats…so it could be less. (Dang kid..  She is a busy thing!) She is tall and is borderline 6-7 in shoes…which is big! Poor girl!

Favorites: Paw Patrol…I bought her a shirt and some pajamas and she is extremely proud of them.  She always talks about them and chants “Go! Go! Go!”.  She loves to slide and has accomplished her little slide with no help finally!  She can go up the stairs at the park and goes down by herself too.  She loves bikes and bike races.  She wants to touch the bike wheels all the time and makes bike noises when she sees our bikes in the garage. She loves junk food (thanks to all the people who spoil her)…hence the reason why I am having a hard time getting her to eat her veggies! She still loves to carry her Monks around, even though I cut the pacifier off the original Monks…I like that she is sentimental.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Taking her to toddler classes and outings are definitely lifesavers.  She is always asking to go “Bye Bye”, especially in the morning.  She loves story time and we started to go to classes at the science museum and gym.  She loves to play in her toy room by herself and I enjoy doing arts and crafts with her at home. She loves to color, which takes up some time too.


Dislikes: She hates nursery at church. She cries and cries at the door when I leave. She does love the last part of class where they have singing time and will dance along.  She hates being told no and has been throwing tantrums when that happens…a lot! The other day I wouldn’t put more toothpaste on her toothbrush so she spun around on the floor screaming and then starting to pound her head on the wall.  Oh, the terrible twos!


Facts: She is fascinated with the ABC song and Wheels on the Bus. She loves to point out ABC’s everywhere.  She knows the numbers 6, 8 and 2 for some reason.  She loves to play with dad and watch nursery rhymes with him or throw the ball.  We all like to walk down to the park in our neighborhood and go sliding.  She loves play dates with other kids and is starting to warm up to socializing. She loves to read about animals and loves nursery rhyme books too.

Sleep Habits: She is actually doing MUCH better now that we have been at home (just wait til we go to Chicago!). She doesn’t like to co-sleep anymore at all, which is nice, and sleeps all night in her crib.  I might have to get up once or twice a week in the middle of the night to talk to her, but she goes back to sleep.  The only problem now is that she wants to wake up at 6am on the dot, so I have been trying to get her to go to bed earlier. Weird kid.


Doctors Visits:  Knock on wood. None. Last month made up for it with the ER and quick care!

Eating Habits: It’s sad, but she isn’t as much of a good eater now. She grazes a lot during the day on goldfish, apples, grapes, and other things like that. I want her to eat more, but she gets so distracted by everything!  She eats more at lunch than she does at breakfast and dinner.  She has to be in a room with no tv or music to distract and definitely wants us to eat with her.  She loves graham crackers and yogurt.


Milestones: She jibber-jabbers a lot. I find her sitting in her toy room a lot talking to herself.  She says a lot of one word to two-word sentences and like I said, loves the ABCs. She loves to run everywhere.  I definitely see a runner in the future.  She has the cutest little bouncy run too.  She loves to swing and slide and play with her toy cars.  She loves to make animal sounds a lot too.  Climbing is a new thing. She is always climbing up on the furniture. Fortunately, she has a pretty good fear of heights, so going down the stairs and jumping off things aren’t in the cards yet.  She loves to sing in the car and does hand signals to a lot of songs too.


Looking Forward To: This month is going to be crazy in Chicago, but I look forward to taking her to the Children’s Museum and Aquarium and watching her have fun in new places!


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