20 Months!


Stats: 23.5 pounds (I know this because she has been to the doctor TWICE in the last week!)

Favorites: It’s funny how her tastes are changing a little bit.  Bubble Guppies have now been replaced by Paw Patrol and now she is all about her slide rather than her Klip Klops.  Don’t get me wrong, she still plays with them, but it seems that she likes to switch it up a little more! She is definitely all about the swings and slides right now.  She loves to go outside and asks to go out every day.  She loves stickers! I have found them all over the house.  She likes to put them on Mike’s arms and legs.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her Christmas presents are definitely lifesavers and have helped to keep her entertained.  She got a new chair, a car ramp, a slide, some church books, Wiggles DVD’s….she will be a busy thing!

Dislikes: After being sick for a few weeks, she is really not liking being around people right now.  She got so clingy! She is getting a little better, but it is so frustrating!  She hates ear drops and taking medicine.  She spit her medicine out at the nurse in the ER!

Facts: I say this a lot lately, but she is definitely talking and communicating a lot more.  She tells me when she is done with her food.  She asks for things with one or two word sentences.  She has a lot of new words to her vocabulary and loves to make animal sounds.  We will ask her “what does a chicken say?” or “what does a cow say?” and she will answer. She knows at least 8-10 animal sounds.  My favorite is when I ask her “what does a slide say?” and she goes “Weeeeeee!”.


Sleep Habits:Well. I had her trained.  Then going on a vacation and getting sick happened.  We are currently working on the sleeping through the night thing.  I usually just have to go in and say “Lay down” and she will plop down and stop crying.  She’s just checking so see if I am there.

Doctors Visits:  Sooooo many this month.  Quick care and ER.  I will never brag about her not being sick anymore. I feel like I jinxed myself.  She started of with an upper respiratory, then a stomach bug, then an ear infection.  Winter stinks!


Eating Habits: She is still a a pretty good eater. She loves herself some graham crackers and milk.  Her dad taught her to dunk the crackers so she is definitely all about the dunking. She loves chicken and baked beans.  She has been eating a lot of soup lately too.

Milestones: More talking. More communicating.  She finally started saying “Barney” which is “Narney”.  She wants to brush her teeth ALL the time!  She is obsessed with toothpaste and carries it around all the time.  She uses the spoon and fork like champ now. She helps me put toys in and out of the bath. She wipes her face and hands after each meal and cleans her own high chair.  It’s nice to start her on doing chores.

Looking Forward To: Going to Chicago with her and hearing new words out of her mouth!

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