Luke: 15 Months!


Stats: 23.5 pounds (60th percentile); 31 inches (50th percentile) I keep thinking he is small for his age because his cousins are HUGE, but he actually is normal and larger than Olivia was at this age (2 pounds heavier and 1 inch taller)!

Favorites: He still loves his Mickey Mouse blanket. In fact, we had to cut it in half because he gets it so filthy so that there is always one in the laundry.  We should have named him “Linus”. He loves to be anywhere his sister is which bugs the heck out of her.  On days she takes naps, he actually gets mad that she is asleep and bangs on her door. He loves to walk in circles around the house and especially loves outside! When we open our front door, he runs so fast to get out! He also loves to go on walks in his red car.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: I still occasionally throw him in the playpen if I need him to be restrained for a few minutes, going on car rides calms him down, and Olivia actually keeps him pretty entertained (even though she screams at him all day..bratty sister!).

Dislikes: When I take the remote away from him and tell him no, when I don’t let him outside, when I won’t let him climb and try to jump off things, and any green vegetable. Otherwise, he is pretty easy going.


Facts: He is on the move! He loves water and loves to roll around in it (if I spill some on the floor). He loves to go to the open gym and bounce on the trampoline. He says “Get!” a lot because I’m constantly telling the kids and dogs to get out of the way (picture me trying to go to the bathroom with two kids and a dog). He growls like a monster.  He still doesn’t say a lot of words though so we are working on that. When I ask him where Jesus is, he will point to his picture. When I ask him to wave at himself in the mirror, he will hold up his hand, but won’t wave. Little stinker. He tries to use a spoon and fork but doesn’t quite get it yet.

Sleep Habits: I don’t want to jinx myself but he really was easy to sleep through the night (I paid my dues with Olivia, okay??)


Doctors Visits: He had been doing great until a day before his check up appointment and decided to get the stomach bug! Thankfully we could just meet with the doctor the next day.

Eating Habits: He is a great eater (when he is not sick). He loves to eat pancakes, yogurt, cereal, carrots, grapes, apples, and especially loves pizza and spaghetti. He likes variety though and can’t have the same meal two days in a row.  He likes to try and eat things that are not edible too like dirt, sand, rocks, and whatever debris is around the house, so it makes it really fun.

Milestones: Finally walking and picking up the pace.  Opening and shutting doors. Saying a couple of words like “get” and “ganget” (blanket). Down to one nap. Really loves to play with kids. He tries to use a spoon and fork the right what but hasn’t succeeded. He is really good about using his fingers to pick up everything.

Looking Forward To:  Speaking more. I love when you can start communication! Christmas is going to be pretty cute this year!


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