The Politics of Teaching

So this amazing teacher at my school was put on leave because he tapped a kid with a pencil and the kid claims he “hit” him. The kid is going around school bragging about how he got a teacher fired, even though he didn’t, and is basically feeling like he is getting away with making a false accusation.

When I heard about this yesterday I was so angry. I feel like kids are totally given so much power today and we are given less and less. The kids know now that we can’t touch them, we can’t say things to them, and we can’t do certain things. Our hands are tied.

This is like the icing on the cake…just one minute ago Ijust got a phone call from my ex. I guess he got int rouble today because he didn’t let a kid go to the bathroom. He asked the kid if it was an emergency and the kid said “No.” and I guess the kid peed his pants. Dad is claiming my ex did it on purpose.

Sigh. What do I do?

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