Goodbye Mannion!

Two years ago I was hired on at Mannion Middle School in Henderson. Today was my last day with my students. I am sad, yet happy to move on and try something new. Since then so much has happened:

1. I taught over 400 students.
2. I got in a major car accident.
3. I lived in four places.
4. I had a student knocked out and taken by ambulance.
5. I taught earth and physical science.
6. I dyed my hair brown and then blonde again.
7. I taught my first accelerated science class.
8. I’ve switched to four wards.
9. I earned the MIST scholarship for $2000.
10. I learned how to use Qwizdom.
11. I went on my first and last eighth grade field trip.
12. I went through three boyfriends.

As you can see, more chaos happened than good stuff, which is why I think maybe a new change might be good for me! J/K. Anyway, good bye Mannion! It’s been a wild ride!

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