Going Green

So being a science teacher I have to teach my kids about being environmentally friendly. The problem is I’m not, so I feel like a total hypocrite when I am telling them to be reduce, recycle, and reuse. My two coworkers were fanatics about environmentally friendly techniques. They would preach to me every day about changing this or that. I was the evil science teacher throwing away strofoam cups, etc. I would make my kids throw away everything and I would whisper “Don’t tell Ms. Mabbutt or Ms. Furlow”. Even my kids would say “Aren’t you wasting that?”. So yes, I am a poor example to the scientific community.

Yesterday I decided to change my lifestyle just a little. I’m not going to put my own compost heap out on my porch, but I decided to take a little advantage of this summer vacation and pretty much reduce the amount of times I use my car. Hmm…it could also be that gas is now four dollars a gallon too. So last night I went to a bike shop, got a bike lock and basket, and pretty much I am going to use my bike to go EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, I live in a neighborhood that is biking friendly, not to mention next week I have classes at Palo Verde High School which is right down the street. But yep, I am even going to bike to that with my laptop and everything. I will be a mean green environmentally friendly machine. Also, maybe it will help me lose that last ten pounds I have been dying to get rid of!

I’ll take pictures and post them today. I’m sure there will be a story out of this considering I have to ride my bike all the way to Petsmart today and bring back live fish for my pet snake. Haha. That will be a great story!

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