Sliiiip Slip and Slide!

Yesterday my ward put on an activity where we would slip and slide down a huge hill at Desert Breeze Park. Normally, I just go and watch the chaos, but concluded on Sunday after crying about not having friends on this side of town, that I was going to participate and I was going to have fun if it killed me!

Thankfully Brittany called me yesterday afternoon from work to tell me she was going to go too. I totally thought I was going to be alone in the whole ordeal.

But it was a good time! Britt and I went first together and I totally flew right past her and rolled about twenty times at the end of the hill. We then decided it would be fun to have ten people go at once and pretty much dogpile at the end of the slide.

On the last run, I was the last in the group to go. Unfortunately, there was a huge hole in the middle of the slide. All I remember is my body going one way and my arm going the other (my arm got stuck in the hole!). It’s just a bruise but I seriously thought I broke my arm! Haha.

Good times!

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