The Longest Day of Our Lives!

I am suffering the wrath of hiking the Narrows today. If you have never hiked the Narrows, it’s a sixteen mile hike through Zion National Park. They claim for it to be one of the most difficult trails in the park (alongside Angel’s Landing). The first half is totally deceiving. It’s a beautiful meadow and a tiny river that you have to cross here and there. Then you start walking through a river and spend a lot of time in the water…and then bam..half way officially have to cross rapids, swim with your pack on, and pretty much pray for your life cause your legs feel like they are about to die from slipping on rocks and holding you steady as rushing water is trying to push you down river.

I have never seen my life flash before my eyes until yesterday. The people that I went with are total tigers. They were booking it down hill. Meanwhile, my knees were killing me and being the idiot that I am, I take the minimum medication for it, so I was dying! Thankfully, this guy David was hurt too, so we were the last people out of our group of eleven. So back to my almost death experience. There was one part where the water was really deep. I seriously could not think of a way to safely get past it, so David decides to swim it. Because we were trying to stay together (safety in numbers), I went for it too. I consider myself a pretty good swimmer, but when you are wearing boots and a pack, you start to sink. So here I was, trying to swim, totally sinking, and I can’t grab anything cause the walls and rocks are slippery. So pretty much I thought I was going to die. Then, David holds out his pole and pulls me toward him. He seriously saved my life!

Anyway, long story short. We made it in 11 1/2 hours (which the website says it takes 13..woohoo!).

As for the picture, going home our tire went flat, we had to drive on a donut, we got pulled over and told to go to Walmart and get a real tire, and basically ended up driving home at 50 miles per hour cause Walmart couldn’t help us. We hardly had any sleep the night before, so we were dying! This was the longest, yet really fun, day of our lives!

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