Saturday Morning Survey (In Case You Are Bored)

Two names you go by: Libby (what my family calls me) and Hen (what Mike calls me).
Two things you are wearing right now: Mike’s Burton shirt and Old Navy pajama pants.
Two things you ate today: Nothing. I am still full from eating sushi last night.
Two things you did last night: Picked up Mike from the airport and ate sushi at Sushimon.
Two Things you want very badly at this moment: a temple clearance and a new job.
Last two people you just spoke to: Wayne and Jen.
Two things you’re doing tomorrow: Going to my dads and going to my ward.
Two longest car rides: Driving from Las Vegas to Orlando to work at Disney and Driving from Orlando to Las Vegas to return from Disney…haha!
Two favorite beverages: Crystal Lite Fruit Punch and Chocolate Milk.

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