Wish List

So I was looking for house stuff and came across all these things that I want. So just to throw it out there, I thought I would tell you all about it (knowing full well with a wedding coming up these will have to be put on hold!).

Wish Gift #1.

Liesl and I worked out a month ago and she had this watch that kept track of calories burned and your heart rate. You could even set it up with the machine you were on. So cool..and so many times I could use it!

Wish Gift #2.

Very typical of a girl who is getting married, but man, even in my single days I wish I could have one of these!

Wish Gift #3.

Instead of playing Tetris on my phone when I am bored…I want to play some games on my new Nintendo DS!

Wish Gift #4.

Jen and Wayne make me jealous every day when they are playing their Wii. I would settle for one of these instead of my DS.

Wish Gift #5.

Mike’s garage needs a little makeover. (Partly my garage now..haha!). Anyway, I am dying to get some shelves for the garage to organize all of his gear and my soon-to-be gear (especially all my camping junk!)

Wish Gift #6.

My cool pink helmet….to go with my….cool pink…

Wish Gift #7.

….mountain bike! Hehe.

4 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Hey Liz! Its Natalie! Congratulations on the upcoming big day! I totally want a wii too! We play it at our friends house all the time and it is such a blast! Can you imagine how much fun we would have had at the old game nights if those were invented then…lol? Anyways, I am so happy for you…come check our blog out!

  2. You have to get a Kitchen Aid. I could not make cookies for the life of me until I got one. It makes such a difference!You need to get a Wii too. The video games are way easier for girls, so I can actually play with Bryan and not lose every time!

  3. Hey Liz this is yout long lost friend Adam. Congrats on getting engaged. I got ur blog link from Melisss’s after I heard you where getting married. I better get a announcement in the mail. Me and Christy are doing good. We might have a blogg soon all let you know. We live in Sandy Utah right now. Also we have a Wii and they rock. The Wii fit is cool we have that too. So were is the wedding Vegas? When’s the big date? Well if you ever do read this shoot me a email (racefan24@gmail.com) some time. See ya.

  4. Ya, I agree with one of the comments above about the Kitchen Aide. We got one as a wedding gift–it’s awesome and so much nicer than those hand held mixtures!! Put that one on your wedding registery!Also – when is your wedding???

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