I flew down to Las Cruces for Nevada Day Weekend and Halloween this year. Even though this was the first year in a LONG time that I haven’t dressed up, we still had fun celebrating Halloween.

Mike had requested that I cook for him since I haven’t cooked for him before (and he still proposed…brave boy!). No pressure or anything, but I ended up cooking for part of the family too. I made Mahogany Chicken, a recipe my sister gave me. It turned out pretty good. I really want a grill now!

I guess Mike is a huge fan of egg nog. He had made a request to get some at the store since it only comes out seasonally. This was his first egg nog this year. He likes it mixed with Sprite. Weird huh? I tried it though and it actually wasn’t that bad.

And of course I had to get some decorations. I love pumpkins! Mike was making fun of me because I wanted to decorate. So to get back at him for making fun of me,I snuck a pumpkin in and placed it just right so that when he woke up from his nap, it would be staring him right in the face! Hehe. (See my halloween cups and straws too!)

Matt, Kandi, Christa, and Brad came over to watch “scary movies”. We ended up renting 1408, which was kind of creepy! There were screams, mostly from the boys. 🙂 And we had some ice cream and watched Tremors afterwards. So not scary!

Overall (even though I didn’t get to dress up and party too hard) it was a really fun night!

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