25 Random Facts

1. I woke up to “Viva Las Vegas” playing in my head this morning…could I be a little excited to go home for Thanksgiving?
2. I got clips this week for my mountain bike and loved it! (You have to clip your feet and attach yourself to your bike, which is a little intimidating, but very cool.)
3. Night mountain bike riding is my new favorite hobby.
4. I am finally scrapbooking our cruise from back in August.
5. I listen to Christmas music every day on the way to school to calm my nerves.
6. After getting rid of one of my all time worst students, my school days have officially gotten better.
7. I secretly grumble every time I go to te gym.
8. I have watched “You’ve Got Mail” at least thirty times in the last three months.
9. I am looking for a copy of “While You Were Sleeping” because I lost my old copy and I love to watch it around Christmas time.
10. I have used up half of my sick days already for school and it’s been legitimate, unlike when I lived in Vegas and took “mental health” days to go snowboarding or shopping.
11. If I had a million dollars, I would buy out Kohl’s and Target.
12. I had a dream the other night that Mike wanted to walk around buck naked in public and I still am trying to figure out what it could be interpreted as.
13. I am just learning this year exactly how football works.
14. All I have in our house are cinnamon or apple candles. I love those two smells.
15. When I was little I couldn’t prounce the words “channel” or “mobile”…
16. I have TMJ and I’m not supposed to chew gum, but I do it anyway.
17. Outback’s Ahi Tuna is heaven.
18. Every time I get in the shower I have to hum or sing.
19. I always wanted to be on TV and have only been able to get on MTV’s TRL once and an episode of Making the Band.
20. I was Elizabeth until I graduated high school, then I changed it to Liz.
21. I think I am the only girl not obsessed with the Twilight series (but I did manage to go see New Moon and was entertained..a little.)
22. I want to go to an NBA and NFL game one day.
23. I want to go back to school and either get a degree in Nutrition Science or Nursing.
24. My whole purpose in life is to be good. Thats it.
25. Coming up with 25 random facts is really hard…

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