My Favorite.

I’ve been blogging a lot lately. One reason is Mike has been gone a lot this week training in Artesia, so I lost my playmate and somehow I feel like journaling like crazy. Another reason is when he is home, he actually has the ability to sleep in. I am insanely jealous of people who could do that, but unfortunately my body wins every time by waking me up.

P.S. Those darn dogs are barking again in our neighborhood….we are SURROUNDED by dogs. And they howl in unison. And then try and see who can be the loudest.
Anyway! The point of my blog was to discuss my favorite time of the day. I came up with this conclusion last night when I fell asleep on the couch watching some random show on TV and then got woken up by Mike to invite me upstairs to sleep in a normal bed. We have this game to see who can be the nicest about waking eachother up. Haha. I think we both have had that abrupt wake up too much from someone yelling, hitting pans, or just shoving you…..that we appreciate the times when someone comes up on you all nice and gentle.

I am so rambling today. So back to the subject. Everytime Mike comes to get me we will lay there and talk..sometimes for an hour…a few times we have even talked for two or three hours (I’m sure it’s no surprise to our friends and family.) Mainly about things going on, or things we like, friends, family, or about what we love about being married, or even things that bug us and how we should handle it because of our personalities. It’s so nice because it’s just talking and enjoying eachother. I love it.

I decided last night it was my favorite time of day.

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