Random Thoughts.

Since Mike started this 6pm to 2am shift, I have been home by myself….A LOT! I was excited to be able to sit down and watch TV and movies and read, but after a while…it gets old! Anyway, I seriously start talking to myself and want to talk to someone about random things. So here are some random things I would like to express, just for the sake of expression.

1. I really want to go on a shopping spree and buy fashionable things. I swear all I own are t-shirts and jeans. I need a change.

2. I thought I killed my other toad at school because I had not seen him for a week. He had somehow burrowed his way in the dirt, and I knew that, but I was thinking it was like his three legged brother who buried himself to die. So yesterday I got the guts to go check and used a paper towel roll to try and find him and lo and behold I saw breathing. So yes, he is still alive. Come to find out, they hibernate in winter. I know, very random…but I was so worried!

3. Thank goodness Subway brought back the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. Come to find out it is only in our region, according to the Subway manager.

4. I want to rent a condo in Huntington Beach during Spring Break. I miss the beach.

5. I want to mountain bike every day of my life, but have to choose between spending 45 minutes with Mike or immediately hitting the road to hit the trails before it gets dark. Not to mention it has been raining and windy all week, which makes me mad. I wish I could just ride by myself, but I don’t want to ride alone in the dark!

6. I slept for twelve hours last night and don’t regret it one bit.

7. Disneyland. February 20-22…I am so excited! It will be Mike’s first time so I am really nervous.

8. It’s almost February and we still don’t have our Christmas lights down. I’m too scared to climb on the roof.

9. I overheard one of my students saying that sometimes I sound like a man. I always hear random things they say about me even though they think they are being all sneaky. Anyway, I told my second period about it, because I was telling them I can often hear things they say…and they were so mad! Anyway, yesterday the front office called and goes “Mr. Barrow? Can you send this student up?” and my students started laughing so hard. It was pretty funny.

10. I like teaching because of summer and pretty much its a job of service, but I must say…can we please switch it to six hours like in Vegas?? I just need more day time…I can’t function at night!

11. Do not go to Walmart at ten o clock at night…the crazies are out. My dad and I had a discussion the other day on why weird people come out at night and where are they during the day?

12. I can’t find frames that will stay on my wall. I have lost four frames now and our walls are looking so bare!

13. I was noticing this morning that my husband makes the bed better than I do.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts.

  1. 1. Go for it!2. That's funny.3. Hmm they don't have that here and I never got to try one. Lame.4. Yes!! Do it and I will so come stay with you!!!5. You BETTER NOT go alone at night or I'll come there and kick your butt.6. Jealous.7. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Stop being nervous about it!!!8. Might as well just leave them up!9. That made me LOL.10. I'll keep my bitter comments to myself.11. Oh trust me they're at Walmart during the day, too.12. What???? You need Wayne to come hang them. Seriously he is a professional. 13. Sounds like Mike has a new daily chore!

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