NMORS- So Far!

So we are seven races into the sixteen race season (which ends in October!) and we’re not even halfway done yet! I was thinking about how each race is so different and all the cool places in New Mexico I have seen! Let’s do a recap of the race season so far.
1. Coyote Classic (El Paso, TX): Technically not in NM but had the biggest show yet. There were over forty people in just Mike’s category alone. Mike and I practiced a lot over the winter and it showed because a lot of people from northern New Mexico couldn’t practice because of the snow! Mike podiumed for third and I got first!

2. Tour of Socorro (Socorro, NM): First day. Hill Climb. Raining like crazy and raging rivers to deal with along with cold. It was so cold they had to shorten the climb because the top of the mountain had snow on it! Mike got second! I got first. My best time out of all of my races. No clue what was in the air that day, but I liked it!

3. Tour of Socorro (Socorro, NM): Cross country. Personally, not a fan of this trail and the fact that expert and sport were passing me so I had to keep stopping. One part I actually had to lean because the trail was so narrow. The ending is a ton of hill climbs that kicked your butt! Mike did it twice, I only had to do it once..thank goodness!

4. La Tierra Torture (Santa Fe, NM): Short Track. Never had done a short track before. It basically is a mini race of going in circles on the mini-track a few times. I call it the “lung busting” race because of the altitude and how fast you have to push it! I was breathing so hard! I was first, but even better fourth overall out of guys and girls! It was fun being up with the guys. Mike rocked it and got third on this one. I loved seeing him creep up higher and higher on each loop. Our favorite race overall.
5. La Tierra Torture (Santa Fe, NM): One word. Snow. Boo! It was so weird because the day before was so nice! I seriously considered DNF on the starting line because I was so cold! It was terrible. Snow in the eyes. Mike fell. I fell. I got beat by a sport girl that was in my category. Not a good race.

6. Oak Flats (Albuquerque, NM): We didn’t preride this one so we had no clue what we were getting into. Lots of trees! Beautiful scenery. I was getting pummeled on the downhill but managaed to get it together for the last two miles of uphill. Thank goodness for uphills. If not, I would not have placed first. Mike’s brakes were gone but he still managed to finish!

7. Parajito Punishment (Los Alamos, NM): It’s a punishment alright. Between the 10,000 ft altitude and the branches and rocks conspiculously placed on the trail, I took a major beating. (Let’s just say my leg looked like a leopard after pre-riding this race.) I am so glad I wasn’t sport. I’ll be honest, I felt like I was not in good shape for this race. Could have been all the buffets and birthday cake and brownies. Still got a first by six minutes, but barely made it. Mike again had bike problems but finished. The best part was he was standing still for a good ten minutes and had a really good time. He would have easily placed if his chain hadn’t weirded out. I really like that he went ahead and did the race and came in so quickly!

Next up: Sandia (Albuquerque, NM). My goal is two hours and thirty minutes. Everyone does the same race so I will be racing against sport too. I want to beat some sport people to see if I am ready to move up. It’s a hill climb so I am preparing to kick some butt!

1 thought on “NMORS- So Far!

  1. Why do they call those races "punishment" and "torture"? Doesn't sound like something I'd want to do. I'm glad you enjoy it and you enjoy riding together!DAD

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