Life’s What You Make It.

My friend Lisa and I were talking yesterday about how sometimes people (especially perfectionists) often are too busy looking at what they want rather than just enjoying the moment and what they have at that time. I am known for this “grass is greener” mentality and am guilty of wishing things away! It’s fun to dream, but have fun while waiting for the dreams to come true!

So while I’m figuring out ways to pay bills, clean the house, go on vacation, fix house problems, fix bike problems, etc. I decided to take on some projects around the house that are actually turning out pretty fun and worthwhile.

I started recycling! It makes a difference with trash!

I decorated Mike’s den with his mountain bike pics.

I’m starting a garden.

I’m digging a patio and building it myself.

I made my first loaf of homemade bread.

I love growing plants. These beauties are lasting a while!

I jump started Mike’s truck, moved it, washed it, and now we only have two cars out front!

I gave up the battle with 100 degree weather killing my plants and put in fake plants!

I got the Lexus started and we are selling it!

Can I say I love summer??

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